Our Story

We could tell you all about how we've become fast friends in a very short time. How even after hours of scheming and planning, there is always still so much more to discuss. About how we love to banter back and forth and that this is how we know we can say anything to one another. But no, we are not sappy that way. If this is what you're looking for, have us over for a glass of wine or three and then we can talk!

We like to think of ourselves more as two peas in a very constricted pod, two lovebirds in a somewhat thorny nest. We've discovered that we work well together, that we have fun while we're at it, and that creating is just so much better when you have somebody else to bounce ideas off of! Our individual lines have always complimented one another so bringing them together officially once and for all seemed to be the obvious thing to do. But of course this wasn't enough, let's just say we don't feel the need to restrict ourselves. If we have an idea we pretty much always run with it, sink or swim we are determined to at least give it a go! For this reason we have several new products which are a direct result of this collaboration. We are never too sure what our next idea will be, but we promise it will be awesome, so please visit us often! We love to see your beautiful face! 

All the love, 

Monika and Léanne